During this summer break I traveled to Rochester, New York with several other female Laser sailors from Sarasota to compete in the U.S. Junior Women’s Singlehanded Championship. There was also a clinic held prior to the actual racing event that took place between July 14th and July 19th. About 30 female sailors from around the U.S. participated and were able to receive guidance from several different college sailing coaches. Not only were these coaches able to provide the sailors with guidance on the water, but also they were able to educate all of the high school-age sailors on the entire college sailing experience. The racing itself was informational and fun as well because I have little experience sailing on lakes and had never raced amongst such a competitive, exclusively female group. The fact that there weren’t very many of us, and that we were all there to enjoy sailing during the summer allowed everyone to quickly bond and get to know each other. After racing each day, the host families organized activities for us. One night there was a dinner party, one night we made s’mores and watched the sunset, and one night we went to the local amusement park. Topped off with the first and second places made by the two sailors from Sarasota; Louisa Nordstrom and Hallie Schiffman, the event was a very worthwhile experience.

– Ciara Dorsay