giving challenge 2016

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The Giving Challenge is a 24 hour period where donations to local non-profits are matched 1:1 (up to $100) and 2:1 for new donors (up to $100). With this year’s Giving Challenge coming
Noon Sept 20-21
we’d like to highlight the ways that 2015’s Giving Challenge impacted Sarasota Youth Sailing.
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, With the $29,000 we received through the 2015 Giving Challenge we were to improve our program immensely. 100% of donations went straight into programming.

We added:

Six O’Pen Bic Sailboats
These boats are pure fun and the kids are ecstatic about them! We are using the boats for many different classes with the goal being having fun on the water.
Replacement funds towards 6 of our older 420 sailboats
The 420s are used for high school aged sailors and the boats are sailed with two people so there is an added dimension of teamwork.
Summer Camp Scholarship Fund
For the past two years, we’ve provided over $5000 in scholarships. Unfortunately, that $5000 goes quick and we have many people on our scholarship wait list.  We hope to be able to increase our scholarship fund.
Go Green Initiative
Since our sport is done outside and Sarasota can be very hot we used some of the funds to start a Go Green Initiative.  We purchased a water bottle filling station so we stop using single use water bottles.  The water filling station was installed five months ago and according to the station we have saved over 5000 water bottles!
12 new sails for Opti Green Fleet
As a small nonprofit we rely heavily on donations and one of the items we get donated are used sails.  Those used sails needed to be replaced, and we were able to buy 12 new sails for our Opti Green Fleet, which is our sailors who are learning to race.
New trailer
Our coach boats and their trailers see many miles on the water and the land as coaches accompany our fleets to regattas across the state. One of our older trailers was in particular need of an update.  We are happy that we can now get our safety boats to our events with no issues.
Please stay tuned for Giving Challenge 2016, when your donation will be matched 1:1 or 2:1 when you give on line

Noon Sept 20-21


#GivingChallenge16   #BetheOne   #Dare2BDifferentGoSailing