My trip to Flanders for the Topsport Vlaanderen Regatta was a special experience. Just being in Belgium and seeing buildings older than any in the United States was interesting. Most days after sailing my team and I would go exploring the town of Nieuwport where we would play soccer on the beach and stuff our faces with the most delicious Belgian waffles. It was hard to know when to be home for bed because it was light out till 11 PM.

Our days were filled with sailing. The conditions on the North Sea were different than anything I have ever sailed in before. We even missed one day of practice and 2 days of the regatta due to dangerous weather!! When we did race it usually was very windy with a constant whipping current. I noticed the European opti sailors were much bigger then the American opti sailors. I would recommend going to this regatta if you ever have the chance.

– Andrew Florio